Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my tree/s will survive?

We check! When you plant a tree with us that tree’s journey is just beginning. Our team conducts yearly surveys to ensure that the tree/s you have planted have survived and we replant any that haven’t. We don’t just plant trees we establish them.

How do I know my tree/s will be protected?

We don’t want to just have a positive impact on the environment – we want to have a lasting positive impact. That’s why we protect our forests with a Trust for Nature land covenant, a legally binding agreement for us and all future owners of the forest’s land to ensure the health of the vegetation is maintained. It prohibits any clearing, modification, or damage to the forest, but is also a commitment to ensuring weeds and pests are controlled. It offers peace of mind that the forest, which you helped plant, stays there and does its thing for us, for the environment, and forever. This means that the young forest you plant will one day become diverse old growth habitat.

How will my tree/s be established?

We use a variety of tree planting methods to give our young trees the best chance at survival. Depending on the location we use a combined method of seed and seedlings using modern technology and people power. Each location is different and has unique challenges so by using combined tree planting approach we can achieve the best result, this includes using seedlings and seed. Three years post the initial planting is when we will replant any trees that haven’t survived.

Another significant element of our operation is to complete groundworks and fencing. This reduces grazing pressure from wildlife and ensures the landscape is structurally sound and able to support the new forest, creating a productive habitat system.

When will my tree/s be planted?

We plant during the winter seasons when the soil is soft and wet. In the south of Australia this period falls between June and August.

How do I know my tree/s will get planted?

We will let you know! When your trees are planted we will update you with photos and news from our planting team. Sign up to our newsletter to keep in the loop. We also hope to see lots of you at some of our public planting days when you can see for yourself!

Why $3?

We plant, nurture, and protect a tree for every $3. We know some organisations offer to plant trees for less, but our service goes beyond the benchmark because we guarantee the establishment of your trees and we develop a land covenant that protects our forests from ever being cleared, modified, or harmed.

Who will plant my tree/s?

Cassinia Environmental our parent company will be the lucky ones that plant your trees. We engage their highly skilled tree planting team to get each and every tree established.

We also hope that some of you will get the chance to come out and plant a tree yourself on one of our public tree planting days.

If your company would like to attend or have its very own planting day make sure to let us know! (dependent on sales numbers)

Is my gift of trees tax deductible?

Contributions can be made tax deductible as a sponsorship or marketing expense for a business. Unfortunately, public contributions are not tax deductible. If you’re not sure if you qualify make sure to reach out through our contact page.

Is ‘aTree’ a charity?

We are a profit-for-purpose company reinvesting anything we make to better the business and establish more trees.

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