Watchbox Valley

TaungurungMitchell Shire

Planted:2,237 / Goal: 4,000

445 ha of recovering grazier land. Historically open grassy woodlands, it is home to the critically endangered Golden Sun Moth amongst other threated species.

Moonlight Creek

Wadawurrung – Golden Plains Shire

Planted:8,140 / Goal: 27,000

Fragmented landscape following years of livestock farming. plantings along the creek slopes connect the landscape. Home to the Growling Grass Frog, Wedge-tailed Eagle and the Antechinus.


TaungurungMitchell Shire

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Largely cleared by grazing, with patches of native grasslands, remant forest spots are isolated. Restoration will connect existing forest to local creeks, forming  323 Ha of forest and wildlife corridors.

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