Restoring degraded landscapes and habitat, increasing the productivity and resilience of our unique natural systems.


Reconnecting people to healthy ecosystems creating community within the landscape.


Protecting habitat, species and landscapes in perpetuity, ensuring biodiversity can flourish forever.

Who is aTree

aTree was launched in 2019 by Cassinia Environmental. Existing as a profit-for-purpose business, ‘aTree’ is dedicated to reconnecting, restoring, and protecting Australian natural systems and landscapes. 

Cassinia Environmental was founded in 2004 to realise a dream of protecting and rehabilitating Australian ecosystems forever. Since then, the company has undertaken more then 100 landscape-scale projects incorporating carbon sequestration, biodiversity protection, community conservation, and landscape rehabilitation – all with a vision to protect and reconnect Australia’s natural sanctuaries through conservation and restoration. Cassinia continues to be committed to discovering sustainable solutions that will permanently protect remaining native vegetation on private land.

aTree fits into this by opening the door for private and corporate sponsorship. We believe that the future of our environment should be everyone’s concern and everyone’s responsibility. That’s why we strive to provide a platform that allows anyone to plant or sponsor a tree in Australia’s most vulnerable and important ecosystems.

Why aTree?


Our planting projects are legally protected through a Trust-For-Nature land covenant. This means that they can never be cut down or the land developed!

Reconnecting isolated vegetation

Our projects are strategically designed to ensure we regenerate corridors within the landscape, reconnecting valuable fragmented habitat for maximum ecological benefit.

Species Protection

Australia has one of the highest species extinction rates in the world. By regenerating biodiverse habitat that is legally protected our projects give our unique species the best chance of success.

Strategic Biodiversity

Our team includes talented ecologists who use a combination or monitoring, consultation and technology to restore habitat with the most appropriate outcomes.

Land and waterway rehabilitation

Our projects are located within biodiversity hotspots Ade are generally centred around waterways. To maintain landscape resilience our projects start from the ground up including erosion remediation. Get in contact to find out more!